candy’s art show, a conspiracy theorist and more…

october 12 candy's art cards

Today, I went to Candy’s Alice in Wonderland themed Art Show at St. James Presbyterian church before sitting down at the knitting bench.  I adored the band of mostly seniors plucking away at ukeleles and belting out golden oldies together like “She’s ALL RIGHT!”  I bought 3 of Candy’s psychedelic shelty dog cards.

sept 12 ukelele

Later I sat down to knit, and Candy came striding up the hill, telling me that she had sold out of cards and was going home to replenish her stock.   She introduced me to a man who was walking with her, telling him that I was another crazy artist.  I asked the man if he did anything crazy in his spare time…In this case, it was the wrong question to ask because the man was a conspiracy theorist who thought that Rockefeller had suppressed the truth about health and hygiene so that hospitals could make money.  He told me he has written two books about how to heal yourself, but he hadn’t published them.  I’ll skip the chapter about the healing properties of seminal fluid.  He also told me about a chapter that describes the time he broke his arm and a doctor put it in a cast.  He feared his arm was getting gangrene so he cut it out of the cast prematurely.  Shortly afterwards, he was on a walk, fell, and with a click, knocked his arm bone back into alignment and was healed.  It was time for me to wind the line back up the hill, so I shook hands with him and said a relieved goodbye.candy's art show sign with balloons

Yesterday, two different classes of 5th graders from Lowell Elementary School passed by the knitting bench.  They were doing a blackberry cleanup service project at Lowell Park up the hill.  I had a blast interacting with them!  They were tripping over themselves asking questions about the knitting, and spilling over off the sidewalk and onto the street in their enthusiasm.  I told them I was an artist and the rope was a drawing, a decoration for the sidewalk.  “It’s really beautiful,” one Asian American girl said.

october 11

october 11 striped socks


2 thoughts on “candy’s art show, a conspiracy theorist and more…

  1. Jen Kowalewski says:

    HAHAHAHA!!!! I’m sure you can guess which part I’m laughing about!! I always enjoy reading your blog.

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