how to draw a platypus

The knit line slices through golden leaves…

Short post today because after a brisk knit in 45 degrees and fog, I locked myself out of the house midway through cooking kale and chicken.  Fifteen minutes later when my housemate arrived with the key, there was smoke billowing out all the doors and windows, and the fire alarm was screaming…However, I did enjoy a cup of tea with a neighbor and his daughter Emily, who drew me a platypus.  As Anne Lamott says, “If you want to make God laugh, tell her your plans.”

Here’s the bird concert that I enjoyed so much yesterday:

P.S. Random nerdy word fact…Did you know that platypus comes from the Latin for “flat-footed”?

adjective \ˈflat-ˌfu̇-təd, ˌflat-ˈ\
: having flat feet
: walking or moving in a slow and awkward way
: not ready or prepared

It’s all making sense to me now…



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