love happens

“Near and Far,” photo taken yesterday.

“It’s funny to see you here knitting,” a woman told me today as I continued making the blue line to the sea.  “This is only the second time that I’ve seen you.  After the first time, I told all my friends about it, but when I didn’t see you again, I thought maybe I’d had a hallucination!”  I saw the guerrilla knitter today and her husband all dressed up for church.  They attend St. James for the beautiful choir though they wanted me to know that they are not members.  Several others followed the blue knit line up to see me, including the poet Carla (from a couple posts back) and her young friend Annie.  Candy was out with her Shelties, calling “here babies!” and whistling.  P. came up in a truck and handed me another 1 pound skein of ocean yarn for my project, courtesy of his daughter J. the jewelrymaker.  (Such a blessing!  It felt like a message to the effect of “don’t worry, I’ve got you covered.”)  I told him how lucky he was to have her for a daughter.  He said, “Yes, I’m so grateful…not only does my family get along, we actually LIKE each other.”  They all live on the same block in adjoining houses…P. has eyes that dance like I’m peering into a moving stream, or liquid gold.


Princess Ekaterina Dmitrievna Golitsyna with a Pug, 1759, by Louis Michel van Loo.
E’s dog “Buster” looks just like this one sans the bell collar.

E. the Philosopher was also out walking Buster, “the Emperor’s lap dog,” as he fondly refers to him.  He asked me if I was planning to stop knitting soon, and I said yes, when my fingers start freezing.  I told him there’s not much I can do about that problem, and he said that we could look into getting an infrared heater for me.  I said, “Please don’t!  I’m ready for a break!” and we both laughed.  I urged him to restrict his research to hose carts since my hose reel is already overflowing with knit rope.  I also saw C., the woman who had the concussion on the first day of classes.  She was out walking with her adult son and little dog.  She is learning lots of lessons from her concussion, especially that learning is more important than grades.  (sigh, that’s a hard one.)  And finally, I saw the Urban Hiker, wearing a neon orange knit hat and jacket.  He told me he had fasted for a day recently.  I asked him why.  (I’m so nosy).  He said, “Ideally you fast to get closer to God.  But you can also lose some weight in the process” and we both laughed.  It was awkwardly awesome to see him again, after several weeks without our daily chat.


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