Aria, Luna, and Jethro

October 24 shell and knitting

october 24 web 2

The fog rolled in again today.  I had a lovely visit with Aria and her older sister Luna, wearing matching pink backpacks and knit hats.  Luna told me knitting a line to the ocean was a very silly thing to do.  She is reading chapter books in school, and has the world all figured out!  They both sat on the bench and told me that they were planning to dress up as fairies this Halloween…Their mom had a hard time getting them to continue their walk home, but I think it was as much the steepness of the remaining climb as it was a desire to visit with me.  My brother Miles, his wife Vikki, and baby Jethro stopped by.  Miles said that the knit line was like a punk version of Rapunzel with blue hair. Jethro currently has an obsession with “dettoe,” his word for anything round.  He enjoyed throwing the ball of yarn off the bench over and over, while Vikki fetched it.  His attempt to push the hose reel failed miserably, ending in a meltdown…Thus ended our short but sweet visit.



2 thoughts on “Aria, Luna, and Jethro

  1. Cheryl Ford says:

    I once knew a photographer who photographed raindrops and dewdrops on spider webs. He called them celestial jewelry.

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