a line runs through it


Quick!  5 minutes to write a blog post.  Aahh!  Today I talked to two boys out walking Skip, a short-legged black collie.  Skip decided to sit on my feet beside the blue line, and wouldn’t move until the boys pushed on his rump!  (I felt like St. Francis!)  Candy came by with her herd of Shelties, and the smallest puppy took a playful dive at the knit line, and briefly lifted it up in the air with her snout.  Most passersby didn’t engage with me today–a quiet Saturday morning walk or jog to clear the mind for the weekend ahead, no doubt.  I spoke with a woman who said she loved the project, that it was like “a little mystery”– follow the line and see where it leads.  She said that if she had children visiting, they would probably walk for miles as long as they could follow the blue line.

Here are some more pictures of the blue line.  You’re probably all bored with it by now.  I’m like a doting parent with a plain child, who can’t stop busting out the photographs because I’m so taken with her…I love the way the line falls in new rhythmic patterns each day, unorchestrated and unplanned, like the lines left on the seashore by a wave.  Okay, that was more than 5 minutes and I’m late to the quilting bee!



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