candy corn

October 31 candy corn

Cold, overcast day at the knitting bench today.  Hardly anyone was out except for the occasional walker, a mom pushing her sleeping baby in the stroller, a man with his earbuds in.  Most of them passed by without chatting…I listened to the clicking of my knitting needles, the crows, planes taking off from Bellingham Airport over the bay, and the purring of car engines.  C. came by and gave me a small bag of candy corn.  I love how it looks, hate the flat, sweet taste.  Clearly, I haven’t learned my lesson yet because I waivered a few seconds, and then accepted it.  But maybe the psychedelic orange and yellow will inspire a painting!  As I unwound the line down the hill, I saw a young woman scooping up leaves into bags from the magnificent spreading tree in her yard.  This particular tree has a tiny window and door on the trunk, like something out of Beatrix Potter.  The woman’s name was Lavera, and she gave me her card and blog address:  I am looking forward to getting to know her.  Back at the bench, I met Alex.  He was young, clean cut, looking a bit cold with his jacket unzipped. He’s the director of the Bellingham area environmental Super PAC campaign to stop the coal terminal from being built nearby at Cherry Point.    He flew here from his home in Chicago, and travels all over the country leading various campaigns.  What a strange world we live in!  I was encouraged to hear that, for once, the environmental cause has spent more money and garnered more support than big business.  He said that this is about much more than not building a terminal, this vote could help determine the future of coal in the entire United States!  Now, that’s a reason to vote!


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