Quiver II.

“Cake” watercolor by Christen Mattix

Apparently, quivers are really, really “in.”  Who cares about someone knitting a 1/2 mile line to the ocean?!  My last post, “Quiver” got over 130 views instead of my usual 17 – 40!  I think it’s pretty hilarious.

My knit lasted all of 10 minutes today!  A wild, stormy day with sideways rain, I nonetheless was determined to do my hour long knit.  (One of the neighbors C. came down to my craft show and offered to relieve me for an hour.  I was speechless with her generosity…)  Anyways, I donned my yellow rain coat and rain cap, rolled the line out, and sat down.  I probably looked like a drunk, crazy person, I could hardly see or walk straight because the wind was blowing my hair all over my eyes.  I sat down to knit hardly able to believe how cold and red my fingers already were.  A truck driver gave me a thumbs up through the bleary window as he drove by.  Moments later, the realization hit me–this is my last knit of the year.  I couldn’t even bear to sit there for the whole hour!  I went back to C. who had sold 10 of my cards in 20 minutes…(a record!)  She had been telling the shoppers all about my knit to the sea, and handing out post cards.  She said she would keep an eye out for me on the bench, and that my return would signify the coming of Spring.  I said something like, “I’m happy to be your groundhog!”  I will miss her.

Even though the knitting is on hold, I will keep blogging about current art projects, insights, and other fun things two-three times a week throughout the winter months, so please stop on by!

Love and Good Cheer,

P.S. For a description of what the heck I was thinking when I made the above painting, read here.
P.P.S. For a lovely post today by my beautiful poet-friend Kimberly Cockcroft, click here.


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