naked presence

DSCN0306Here’s a photo from the studio today, and below is my first journal entry of the knit to the sea…I am so glad to be back blogging, I’ve had terrible withdrawals!

May 1, 2012
Today I sat and knit from 8-9 am.  My hands are numb and stiff now!  The warm house feels great.  I realized this piece is about listening.  With my eyes focused on the knitting, I become intensely aware of sounds–car receding in the distance, boys hollering as they run down the hill, crow’s silky wings.  And this project is about time.  My impatience.  Slowing down, tackling a huge dream one stitch at a time.  Not multitasking, talking on a phone or checking messages.  I almost feel that it is completely opposite of this culture–I half expected someone to chew me out for not being “busy” enough.  One lady said, “You must be waiting for someone.”  “Yup,” I said.  One boy had to wait while a truck drove by before he crossed the road.  “That truck wasted my time,” he said.   I found my impatient mind jumping ahead trying to calculate how many hours the darn thing is going to take and whether I can finish it in a month.  I don’t think that’s what the experience is about.  I haven’t put myself on a schedule with a fixed number of feet per day to complete.  It will be completed when it’s completed.

I overheard snippets of gossip like, “Don’t you think it’s strange that my sister is thinking about moving back to the Midwest and buying a house after Mom is gone?”

This piece is about naked presence…The only way I could be more present would be to sit still and do nothing.  A quiet invitation to be.  There is a lot of space on the bench for someone to join me.  So it is also about loneliness, a longing for companionship.

So much of the piece is unknown to me.  I only know my instructions: knit to the sea.  I do not know how often or whether it’s okay to skip a day or knit at different times.  I have chosen 8-9 am as my base structure, and I can knit other times too as they open up to me. I would like some kind of promotional image that encapsulates the project.  In many ways, I think the Conceptual artists are still picture makers.  They create situations that lead to beautiful, striking one of a kind images like the one of Chris Burden nailed to a car.



2 thoughts on “naked presence

  1. thrownfree says:

    It’s so much fun to read your first journal entries. . .these are hitherto unpublished on your blog, am I right? I was afraid you might drop off the face of the earth now that you’re taking a weather-break, but I’m glad to see that’s not true. I still think all these would make a wonderful book with artwork interspersed, and your photos.

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