Magic: Public Knit Day 9

Cake and photo by Christen Mattix

[excerpt from previously unpublished journal of the knit-to-the-sea at a bench in Bellingham, WA, begun last May 1, 2012.]  

The magic continues…[but it didn’t sure seem like it in the beginning.]  Today I hid a camera in C’s yard hoping to capture the cars slowing down to go around the line.  Instead most cars zipped over it.  I had to let go of my disappointment, and the need to control.  It was very slow–almost no one stopped for the first hour.  Even though sun was shining, it was colder and my hands are still numb.  The man with the green and orange hat stopped by again.  This time he said hi, and introduced himself as S.  Retired, plays guitar, and works on houses.  On his way to coffee at the Fire House to meet up with friends.  He made me see the value (communally) of going to a local coffee-house regularly.  He left and time stretched out.  G. and R. appeared and introduced M. and her dachshund.  Then an older guy D. introduced himself.  He had on a submarine hat.  He told us about sititng in a sonar tower, listening to the whales.  His job was all listening, no seeing.  And he only got to send one 15 word message a month to his wife!  Talk about longing!  We met D.’s dog too, Reggie.  Another neighbor D. came out and said hi and gave me a fatherly pat on the back.  G. thanked him for cutting the grass under the bench.  So we had 5 people hanging out and talking!  They told me–look what you’ve done–you’ve created community, a happening!  I said, “I don’t take responsibility for it.”  They said, “Then you’re a catalyst for community.”  It was all so beautiful.





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