May 10, 2012, Second Knit at 16th and Taylor, 11:00 am – noon

V. and C. came and we sat on the bench together.  V. said her middle name had been Constance before she changed it to Elwa, the name of a river.  I felt nervous with C. running across the street alone.  I enjoyed her heart-shaped glasses.  I feel my heart opening up as a result of this project, and people’s response to it.  C. let me hold her and she gave me a wonderful hug.  So sunny and pretty out.  Little clouds floating by.
V. and C. went for a little jaunt with a big grey poodle.

I talked to a man who called my thing a “happening.”  I still don’t have a clear idea what that is.  Met J. and her frowning daughter V.  (J. is very pregnant.  Baby on the way–in one month.)

Today I gave credit to “good fortune” for my wool being on sale.  I wish I had said grace or providence.

I’m so glad I have an hour with nothing on the agenda except to knit and be present to people.  Two days ago, T. lent me a book…and it’s the same color as my wool.  I think I’m supposed to read it.


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