Abuzz (knit-to-the-sea Day 12)

Yesterday and today I went to the Gingerbread Show at our local ferry terminal in Bellingham. I enjoyed myself thoroughly! Here are some of my favorites…

“Practice Makes Perfect”

people of my community

I love the “police woman”

Check out the amazing ski lifts held up by icing to a gummy rope. I don’t know how they pulled this one off…

This was in the professional gingerbread makers section. (I didn’t know such people existed! There are specialists for everything.) It had lights and a real, ticking clock face. I had to squeeze my camera between all the people to get a shot of this one…

Gingerbread Motorhome. My favorite, and unfortunately, everyone else’s favorite too. It was so crowded, I had to take a stealth shot, and it ended up blurred! Here’s an impression of it, at least. So adorable…I could live in one of these.


May 12, 2012, 8-9 am.

Another gorgeous day.  A very uneventful sit which I imagine will be the majority of them.  So I had to endure my noisy brain.  Today, it was all abuzz with thoughts of gallery representation.  I think because spending time with a friend who has stacks of unsold art really depressed the h*** out of me yesterday.  Again, the question, “What is my purpose, my vision?  How do I get there?”  A few people said good morning and asked or commented on what I was up to…One man said, “wow” and kept walking.  Two young people asked how to walk to Amtrak (but did not comment on the knit line.)



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