“Mend” by Christen Mattix, watercolor & pencil, 2013
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[continuation of previously unpublished journal of my knit-to-the-sea from an old bus stop in Bellingham, WA, begun last May 1, 2012.]  

May 13, 2012, 8:00 – 9:00 am knit

It’s really warm now.  My hands aren’t even getting numb!  Overheard a neighbor saying loudly, “I don’t like that it’s gone on 2-3 days in a row now.”  Not sure if referring to me.  M. came and sat with me for about half an hour and we chatted about all kinds of things.  His “concert” down at the Fire House was a hit so he hopes to play for them every week.  He said I was the kick in the pants that he needed.  His friend saw him “serenading” me and said maybe he’ll bring his guitar down too.  This project keeps growing in all these wonderful, unexpected ways.  One gentleman in his 40’s said to me that he imagined the blue line going right off of Taylor Dock and being hauled in to shore by a boat.  And he said seeing me there brings a smile to his face every time.  I told him that yes, I was actually planning to go off of Taylor Dock.  (He’s the first person that has guessed it.)  He said how much he liked it–“part art, part meditation.”  At the end of my sit, a middle-aged woman came by.  “It’s so beautiful,” she kept saying and fingering the yarn.  I told her my dream to knit down to the water and she loved the idea.  “I’ve watched it grow every day,” she said.  I like that word, and how it ties to generativity, time, change.


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