Lamb’s Ears

[ from previously unpublished journal of my knit-to-the-sea from an old bus stop in Bellingham, WA, begun last May 1, 2012.]

May 15, 8-9:00 am

Sunny and clear.  Today I found a gift of lamb’s ear leaves on the bench.  R. and G. stopped briefly.  M. and I talked about gardening.  I was distracted by a cyclist videotaping me who turned out to be my dad.  Had tea with Mom and Dad afterwards.  Some boys commented on how long the line is: “She’s been knitting about 6 days!”  Man talking on his smartphone exclaims, “Wow!” as he sees how long it is.  The project is beginning to feel endless.  I’m worried people will just start to ignore me as the novelty fades, and I’ll be so bored!

May 16, 8-9:00 am

G. came and sat with me for a few minutes and told me she is getting a family doctor.  M. said hi but he was too cold in his sleeveless shirt and carried on.  He’s writing out his music down at the cafe so his buddy can play with him.  Two large boats and a top heavy tug boat floated in the bay below.  Three people stopped and asked me what I was doing, and broke into smiles.  One lady told us all about the cartoon on youtube of the lady who knits herself off a cliff and uses her needles to climb back up. (See video above…)

I just about finished my second skein of yarn.  The project is losing its novelty for me.  From here on out, it will probably be sheer plod!  Mind wandered a lot, started writing an artist statement in my head.  Debated whether to apply for a grant for this project.  Christo would disapprove (he raises all his own money through the sale of his drawings).  I noted that R. hasn’t been walking with G. who walks alone lately.  R. is taking a class.  G. said walking uphill alone is a lot harder.  I said knitting alone is hard.  She said everything is harder alone!



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