Knit for Peace!


“Knitting Meditation for Peace” 9/11/09 – 9/21/09 (World Day for Peace)
9 skeins of red wool was donated by a company called “Peace Fleece” who use the wool trade to create peace between hostile nations.

[ from previously unpublished journal of my knit-to-the-sea from an old bus stop in Bellingham, WA, begun last May 1, 2012.]

May 17, 8 – 9 am knit
Goosebumps.  Cold wind today, sun still with us!  R. told me a really moving story about her daughter and her friend who fingerknit enough wool to make a huge ball (the size of a terrier!)  They were doing it for world peace.  “They didn’t know how the world works, but they were very passionate about it,” R. said.  It was multicolored yarn.  They were thinking about donating it to a museum but changed their minds. knittingconceptdrawing I didn’t tell her about my “Knitting Meditation for Peace in the Middle East,” a 10 day “knit in” at a gallery that I did in 2009.  G. and R. are calling my current project, “River to the Sea.”  They advised me to attach a little note to the end of the knit line so people would know not to pull on it or cut it!  G. said, “What about fewer stitches?” (to make it go faster) The main thing that slows me down is reversing the needles at the end of each row, not the number of stitches.  I feel that I was guided to make the right size stitch.  Any bigger and it wouldn’t be strong enough to withstand the wear and tear of traffic.  Started skein 3 today!

knitting meditation installation

Completed Installation by Christen Mattix


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