A Long Labor of Love: Bench Knit Day 18

“A Long Labor of Love” (The Writer)
watercolor by Christen Mattix, 2013

Second knit.  Sunset.  May 17, 2012
A lady told me that if I was waiting for the bus, I must have been waiting for a long time!  A man drove by and asked me why?  I said, “Just because.”  For some reason, I couldn’t answer him.  I have decided to commit to doing 3 hours a day.  [note: this didn’t last very long.]  The whole point of the project is to be over-the-top.  I feel the weather is holding for me and I need to do my part.  The sky was dramatic tonight.  Big piled up cloud that went from lilac to rose.  Stunning but the camera couldn’t capture it.

May 18
Today a Mormon lady came by and gave me relationship advice.  She told me about a book called, “The Seven Languages of Love” but she didn’t know her love language because she wasn’t close to anyone.  She works as an accountant.

A jogger told me, “Okay, I’ll bite,” and asked me to tell about the project.  It made me think of the knitting as fishing for people.

M.’s Mom just died on Mother’s Day.  She’s doing a huge fundraiser for a neighbor boy in recovery from drug addiction who needs $500 per day to pay for the treatment center.  “It was Bike to School Day,” she said, so she parked her car and walked.  “At least I’m honest.”

A man parked his car to chat with me.  “I’ll send good energy your way,” he said.

It was cold and cloudy.  I wore my hood and coat.



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