Knit to the Sea: Day 18

bird coatThis is a shot of an in-progress painting.  It’s almost done–just needs a few tweaks here and there.  I would love input on the title.  So far, I have:

“Bird Coat”
“Boarding House for Birds and Other Small Creatures”
“Warm Coat for Birds and Other Small Creatures”
Or it could go in a different direction like “Snow Day”

Any thoughts?  (O, by the way, Happy New Year again!)

The following is from my journal about a half mile “knit-to-the-sea” begun last May 2012…The line is still unfinished, awaiting spring for continuation.

May 18, 2012 second sit from 6-8 pm

-Unwound the line and hands got covered in black grime from road
-B. said he saw me hunched over in the cold.  Ok to bring me coffee?
-met 2 spunky knitters.  White-haired lady with white dog and red shoes–Susan.  Katie–honest, earthy, person.
-met Clayton (Big Man) and Gemma (small lady)
-met Nadir–first nonCaucasian person I’ve met in this neighborhood
-lady across the road said–so you’re knitting to the Bay?  She must be really busy because she barely says a word.
-Art did some calculations and said I’ll be knitting for the next 200 days.  I said, “I’ve added some shifts.”  He said, “Maybe you should add grave yard shift.”  Wish I had caught it on film.  He still hasn’t introduced himself or his wife.  
-M. rode by in yellow jacket on way to friend’s concert at the “Rustic Cafe”
The dawn from on high shall break upon us!  Sun suddenly burst through the haze.  Very dramatic Northern feeling like a Vilhelm Hammershoi painting.
-My breathing got really deep and slow as if I was sleeping in my second sit today.

12 thoughts on “Knit to the Sea: Day 18

  1. Cheryl Ford says:

    I like “Snow Day”. It’s enigmatic. I love these drawings you’re doing.

    Happy New Year to you, too.


  2. f.underhill says:

    Aunt Chena says, “Aunt Martha’s home” resonating with their small northern beginnings and her warm hosting of diversity. – Uncle Frank

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