This is a rock sculpture in the woods near my home. It has stayed standing for weeks now which is amazing because it looks so precarious.

It’s been so fun to read all the titles you’ve been coming up with.  Thanks for sharing your creative ideas with me.  Here’s more from my journal from the knit-to-the-sea begun last May 2012 and on hold for the winter:

May 19, 8-9 am, 2012

Gorgeous, quiet Saturday.  But for the murder of crows cawing nonstop in a tree somewhere.  D. and Reggie passed and said hi.  Most walkers passed silently.  Not many people out.  My mind very busy–focused on moneymaking schemes and how to get into art shows.  (Prestige and possessions)  Am more aware of my need for grace.

“Hunters in the Snow” by Brueghel. This is such a poetic and spare rendering of winter. Brueghel’s vision in sienna, ochre, and blue-black has given me a greater appreciation of Lady Winter’s severe beauty.

May 19, 3:15-4:35

When I was knitting, I was reminded of the thought I woke up with, “My grace is enough.”  I also suddenly had an image of the blue line as water springing from inside me like an artesian well.  “Springs of living water will flow from within…”  Perhaps this artwork is quenching someone’s thirst for beauty, joy, and wonder.  A group of young blond women drove by blasting loud music.  They had crossed the road and were heading up the hill when I heard them scream, “O my gosh!  It goes all the way across the road.  That’s crazy!”  I met Bob and Betty all geared up in red and white cycling outfits (very English) with their road bikes.  I met Anna, freckled brunette, kind eyes.  My least favorite question: “How far does it go?”  (Come on, people, that’s the point.  You’re supposed to walk down and find out.)  But I say nicely, “A little ways down the hill…”

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