bird totem for blogA whirly-windy morning to you!  It’s garbage day too, lots of engine noise, clanging and banging up and down the neighborhood.  Just wanted to say how much fun it was to read all your titles for the coat painting!  I think I’ve landed upon the title thanks to Zack who sent it in yesterday.  

“Cote” (In case you didn’t memorize the dictionary, cote = a shelter for mammals or birds)

Is it too soon to pick your collective brain for titles for this painting (above)?  I’ve had some in mind…

Bird Totem
Resting Place
Mind Full of Brightly Colored Thoughts
Flickering Mind

Please, no “Bird Brain” !

The following is from my journal about a half mile “knit-to-the-sea” begun May 2012…The line is still unfinished, awaiting spring for possible completion.

May 21, 2012 8-9 am knit
Downpour today.  Surprisingly peaceful and easy to sit through.  Line changed to dark blue grey when it got damp.  M. drove by and said hi.  G. did her walk alone in rain gear.  The rain stopped and I didn’t even notice it!  I dropped a stitch and had to rip out about four rows.  A nice couple drove by, said good morning, and smiled.

May 22, 8-9 am knit
Some school boys stopped and talked to me.  A real first.  Their main question was why?  Susan* gave me a small manila envelope with her photo of me enclosed.  It was a bright spot in a rather soggy knit.  Wet bench.

NOTE: I realized that I was talking to local painter, Susan Bennerstrom.  She’s an artist who gave a lecture to my class back in art school!  I was pretty excited.  Here’s an example of her work:


“The Ties That Bind” oil on canvas by Susan Bennerstrom    






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