By the Inch

inchworm inspection

The following is from my journal about a half mile “knit-to-the-sea” begun May 2012…The line is still unfinished, awaiting warm spring days for possible completion.

May 22, 5:45-6:45ish

I was visited by an inchworm!  It suddenly appeared on my pants…like a messenger telling me to be patient, to focus on my life by the inch instead of worrying about what I’m doing a few months from now.  Each “step,” a total commitment of self, falling forward in space, landing, then drawing back legs forward to rejoin the front.  Inchworms are classified as “geometridae.”  Geo or earth, and metron as in measure.  They are also called loop worms because they move in a looping fashion.  The pair of “prolegs” at the hind end, and “thoraic” legs at the front end are what form the loop.  (It has no legs in between.)

I couldn’t have asked for such serendipity!  This knit line is also made by looping, measuring the distance to the sea.

Tonight I was about to throw away the envelope from Susan but I happened to read the addressee and it was Susan Bennerstrom!  So glad I didn’t know who she was so I was able to just appreciate her lively energy!

I’ve been quite down the last couple of days.  The yarn’s a soggy, dull blue-grey.  Knitting is harder in the rain–the yarn sticks to my fingers.  And I lost another job–this time the Tiape job.  They’ve gone out of business.  I’m thankful for the inchworm.  By the yard, it’s too hard, by the inch it’s a cinch.  A couple of kind folks came by telling me I’ve made great progress.


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