How to Explain Pictures to a Platypus

My new painting with a digital frame made by yours truly, Christen Mattix
watercolor and gouache, 2014

May 28

Today was grey and cold.  I wore my black coat.  The knit passed by quickly…C. (a newspaper journalist and friend of mine) arrived and with great energy and chutzpah, began talking to passersby.  The best photo would have been of C. typing on her laptop and me knitting, but we didn’t get a picture.  We had a couple come up and say, “I give up.  What are you doing?”

I am thinking about all the distractions in life right now because my eye was caught by “What About Distractions?” in a pamphlet.  My focus must remain on the process.

May 29

Doing the same thing every day makes me paradoxically aware of change and impermanence.  No two knitting sessions are alike.  Today was cool and partly cloudy.  M. drove by in a white van.  R. and G. told me regarding the line, “It’s so beautiful!”  They were impressed that I knit through the weekend.  I’m impressed too.  God help my bigheadedness.

Today, I sat thinking about Dr. Seuss’s character in “The Lorax.”
A thneed is what they need.  This absurd knitting project is straight out of Dr. Seuss.
Seuss meets Feminism meets Conceptual Art = Fun.

The line does look so lovely next to the bright green of the grass.  D. drove by in a yellow jacket.  C. got in the car to go to the gym in hot-pink workout clothes.  Part of my knit, I was thinking about waste, and how all this yarn could be knit into baby hats, socks, scarves and gloves for the poor…But it still could even after I’m done.*  The yarn is holding up nicely.  What is waste anyway?  What is more wasteful?  Fireworks or war?  Of all the things a person could do, sitting and knitting does not seem like it would rate high on the waste barometer.

A new question today from a passerby, “What is the tensile strength of the rope?”

[2014 Update: I’m not so sure about this anymore!]



2 thoughts on “How to Explain Pictures to a Platypus

  1. Cheryl's Excellent Adventure says:

    You’re not so sure about what? That “sitting and knitting does not seem like it would rate high on the waste barometer”? I think it is a wonderful project on many levels: time management, communication, creativity, community, dialogue, cognition, dexterity, weather, perseverance, and resistance.

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