To Relish


I hope you enjoy my new painting!  “Pedal Power,” methinks, is the title.  What youthinks?  It feels so good to paint again after a whole week of abstinence.  “Every day that you paint is a good day,” Bob Ross used to say, and I completely agree.

I’ve decided to skip some of the duller journal entries of the knit, and just share the sparkly ones.  🙂

May 31 8:05 – 9:05

Knit in soft rain today.  Rain trickled down my ear.  Rain collected on my hairs on my fingers.  I asked a boy on his way to school to videotape me but he didn’t have time, he said, even though he was super early.  I said good morning and tried to talk to two boys but they totally ignored me!  I hate that!  And I hate the dark tinted car windows that shun all exchange and the earbuds that block communication.  But I enjoyed the sit.  Accepting the rain just made it another experience to relish.  Warm rain.  Freshness.  Birds.  Mournful whistle of train like a dying loon.  G. came and videotaped me knitting in the rain…

4:11-5:20 knit in the afternoon

Things have brightened up.  The bench dried off.  My enthusiastic lady with the shade hat came by excited to see the progress!  Jay birds scolded while a lawn mower droned on and on.  I had a busy mind this afternoon.  So happy to be free to make art full-time.  R. and G. drove by and said hi.  A man said, “That’s a long leash you have there.”  I retorted, “It’s NOT a leash!”


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