I Know That’s Personal…

Anatoly Konenko’s miniature aquarium holds two teaspoons of water. He says that it is “made of curiosity.”

June 1, 2012
8-9 am sit

Warm gusts of wind.  A man told a girl it was 69 degrees out today.  I finally introduced myself to the neighbor across the street.  She wanted to know if I could use other colors since she has some extra skeins lying around.  I’m surprised by how anti-social the children are.  Today I said morning to a boy (about 5 years old) and he looked right through me!  Hardly anyone stopped to chat.  A man drove by and said, “I like seeing you rain or shine.”  The wind has gifted me with some beautiful mental snapshots like the pink rhododendron flower that landed upside down on the line, or the line running through a patch of fallen red leaves.  I am like the weather today.  Sad, tossed about by change.  My friend Jen is moving far, far away.

Anatoly Konenko

3-5 pm sit

I just had a remarkable conversation with a woman named F.  She had been defending me to her critical friends as they drove by the knitting bench together in the car.  She said she felt a real attraction to the piece and wanted to know what was going on in my head.  “I know that’s personal,” she said.  I ended up listening to her tell me about how she had lost her job, gotten divorced, and was now selling her home because she couldn’t afford the mortgage anymore.  But God had gotten her through it and always provides.  It was so beautiful to hear her witness to God’s faithfulness to her.  She is Bahai faith from a Catholic background.
The rain held off the whole two hours I was knitting.  Warm wind.  A music student entered C’s house with mom, then left.  D. drove by and several children walked home from school.


One thought on “I Know That’s Personal…

  1. Dana says:

    I’m sort of charmed by these visits to the past. Having heard of you and met you further down the line, so to speak, these peeks into the beginnings of your knit to the sea gently scramble my sense of time.

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