June 2nd, 8-9 am

Today is rainy and overcast.  I met another guy named Art today out walking his dog, a boxer.  I noticed his dog’s leash was the same color as my knit line so I asked to videotape it, and right then 3 dogs and their owners came to the corner of 16th and Taylor from multiple directions.  It was hilarious because Indigo (Art’s boxer) was gazing intently across the road at another boxer.  (Check out the video!)

Art named his dog Indigo because his wife’s from Indiana and loves fiber arts.  She knits baby clothes for children in Afghanistan.  I told Art I wanted to meet her.  Some other chitchat with other people but most people don’t want to give my project their time or mental attention–just like art hanging in a gallery!  The worse is when they are too lazy to walk over the hill to see how long the line is!  “How long is it?” they want to know.  “A little ways down the hill,” I say, dodging the question.


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