songs of the sky


songs of the sky
by Todd Horton

So the Bird Art Festival was a real tweet!  🙂  I wish you could have seen the 15 minute parade of people dressed like chickens, and children hugging their pet birds.  Things got a bit dicey, when a chicken lady got really protective of her hens and aimed a boot at my friend’s sweet dog, Tulip.  My friend decided that maybe it was time to put the dog back in the car.  Afterwards, we wandered into Todd Horton’s art studio and watched him paint for a while, marveling at how he could talk to visitors and paint at the same time.  

Todd Horton

Continuing the Knit to the Sea…

June 4, 2012

Finished fifth skein, started sixth.  Dapper, young man in white shirt and tie asked me why I’m doing this.  “As art and meditation,” I said.  He said he couldn’t wait to see my progress.  I said, “It’s been very slow.”  School boys have started going down the sidewalk on my side of the hill to see the knit line.  “We are rooting for you!” a mom told me.  She said they are leaving Thursday and hope the line will make it down to the school (at 15th St.) by then.  I am becoming a part of the landscape.  Drizzle.  Grey.  Cool.  Birds in stereoscopic sound, coming from all sides.  A hummingbird hovering briefly above me.

4-5 pm sit

A very quiet sit.  No rain.  Francis brought 2 prayer booklets.  She said she couldn’t stay long and asked if we could pray together.  Here’s what she prayed:

O God!  Refresh and gladden my spirit.
Purify my heart.  Illumine my powers.
I lay all my affairs in Thy hand.
Thou art my Guide and my Refuge.
I will no longer be sorrowful or grieved;
I will be a happy and joyful being.
O God!  I will no longer be full of anxiety,
nor will I let trouble harass me.  I will
not dwell on the unpleasant things of life.

O God!  Thou art more friend to me
than I am to myself.  I dedicate myself
to Thee, O Lord.

She had memorized this prayer from her prayer book which she gave me.

I find it comforting the way the knit line visually links one day to the next.  I did this much yesterday, I did this today.  This length took 30 days.


a young fir listens near by
Todd Horton

June 5

Light drizzle, cold.  “Another day in paradise.”  D. + C. and Fran sightings.  Boys very excited about the line’s progress.  

In sickness and health, a line of love, of constancy…


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