Holden Village

7cb9aed5cf9ea518fc35bf4673f2a337_f287I just wanted to let you know that I will not be blogging next week because I’m headed to a tiny film festival in the snowy mountains!  Do you remember Harvey Schwartz’ super low budget film that featured my knitting project called “Bellingham Subdued Quirk: Pursuing Delightment in the City of Subdued Excitement” ?  Well, the film was selected (along with 4 others), Harvey can’t go, and has asked me to represent him!  It’s too soon to get excited, because the weatherman has been threatening heaps of snow.  Nonetheless, I am going to try to get as far as my friend Kris’ house in Ellensburg, and then hope and pray that she is able to drive me to the ferry.  This is, by far, the most difficult and inaccessible place I have ever tried to visit.  (And I’ve travelled in Northern California, Southeast Asia and Europe!)  I had to get my little sister Jubilee’s help to untangle the maps and scheduling info online.  Have a great week!  Hopefully, I’ll have some fun pictures, and maybe even video for you when I get back 🙂Village-Life-BannerSome women knitting in Holden Village.  No wonder the film was a success!


3 thoughts on “Holden Village

  1. Dana says:

    Oh, Holden Village! That is a way up there! We used to fly into Domke Lake (just above Lucerne) every summer to spend a week away from it all. It is so beautiful there. I wish you luck as you try to get to Holden and a wonderful time once you arrive.

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