Golden Holden

snowshoe day

How do I distill one of the most intense and wonderful experiences of my life, Snowdance Film Festival, into a blog post?  Here, at least, are some photos to give you a taste!snow capped

200 inches of snow fell in Holden Village this February, setting a new record!our fearless guide

Our snowshoe guide collapsed with the exhaustion of breaking trail so we turned around…oddball

I took part in the 24 hour filmmaking competition.  I have never made a movie with other people before and it was so much fun bouncing ideas off each other.  We got down to the wire, and things got a bit tense but we completed it in time, and our film tied for Best Picture.DSCN0733

After 2 hours on a ferry up Lake Chelan, we boarded school buses.  Our bus took and hour to drive 12 miles, due to the snow and switchbacks.DSCN0732

Everyone in the community including guests were invited to weave a patch on this loom.  Such a visible expression of community.DSCN0618 DSCN0626

There were always women knitting in the back of the cinema…Some women even knit after the power went out, lit by cellphones and flashlights.  One woman offered the villagers services to knit an extension for my knit to the sea.  I was really touched but said no due to my commitment to keeping the project site specific and real time.DSCN0628

The basement doors were identified by the 3 Stooges!DSCN0630

Wall of Faces in the Library.  There is a Ceramics Studio on site that badly needs a visiting Potter / Artist.DSCN0647

A fiber artist’s dream come true.  I love the Teletubbie colors.DSCN0643

The gym where I swung for a while on a giant swing…The mural dates from the 70’s and is spectacular.DSCN0590

All of the Village’s power comes from a hydroelectric dam upstream.  The power went out at least 4 times during the week because of all the snow.  Our film had to be re-scheduled once due to a particularly long power outage.DSCN0589

Avalanche warnings kept us on the edge of our seats…DSCN0583

A whole wall was dedicated to tea…DSCN0578 DSCN0596 DSCN0710

Staff bulletin board.  We put O’Sean Yarn up on the board too (our character from Oddball).DSCN0722

Marty, one of the zany Holden villagers, who thought up the idea for “Oddball.”  All of us took turns acting, filming, editing and staging scenes…It was crazy!


4 thoughts on “Golden Holden

  1. Dana says:

    I have been thinking of you up at Holden Village, wondering how it was going…..This looks so inspiring!!! I am delighted that you had this experience. Will we ever get to see Oddball?

  2. Kim says:

    Wow! How fabulous! I wondered when we’d get to see photos. Looks like a fabulously creative place. . .what good spirit comes out even through the still images!

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