A Day in the Neighborhood

“Uncle Nate Sticking His Tongue Out” by Jethro Mattix  (age 19 months)

Continuing on with the saga of the knit to the sea!  The public knitting is on hold right now because of the cold weather, so I’m sharing an unpublished journal from 2012.

June 7, 6:45-7:45 am (Early sit because I am going to Seattle)

More rain.  A young man with a huge green umbrella got a kick out of the piece.  Huge grin!  Judson.  C. sighting.  Art too.  Soggy!  Yesterday a lady gave me a Found Dog sign (to share with the neighborhood.)  I called her last night and the dog had been returned.  She then asked me to tell her about the knitting and said how much joy it brought her to see me as she drove by.

June 8

Today I formally met the chipper guy in the tie.  He does economics stuff at Lowell.  There was a note “To The Knitter From Your # 1 Fans” stuffed in a hole in the bench.  I started winding the knit line on a bigger stick.  R. and G. said soon I would have two muscular, young men (preferably oiled and shirtless) helping me move it like the Ark of the Covenant! A lady came by in a red Lexus and took a picture.  Her daughter is teaching knitting in Indonesia.  I chatted with a landscape artist out walking her Corgie.  

My favorite part of every sit is walking home under the lichen covered tree with red leaves. I see so much more clearly after my knit.  Stillness = Vision.

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