Learning to Float


“I’ve been here all my life still I’m somewhere else”

All paintings by Kate Vrijmoet, katevrijmoet.com

“Learning to float is counterintuitive: we have to do the very opposite of what our self-preserving instincts urge us to do.  It is not all hard to do these things, but it is very hard to believe that we will be safe in doing them.  The good teacher inspires this belief, this trust, because we see him doing successsfully what he urges us to do, and because we know by experience that he would not deceive us or trick us…To learn to float, it seems, is essentially to learn to trust, first the teacher and then the water…we have learned to be at home in the sea that is God, with no visible means of support except the water whose ebb and flow, whose sudden urgings, we cannot predict or control.” -Thomas H. Green




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