Tangled Up in Blue

Today several people came up to me to ask me why the line was not unrolled down the sidewalk. I can’t get away with anything!  I told them that it is a terrible mess, and has outgrown the hose reel. (I have also been preparing for an art show opening tonight at the St. Joseph Medical Center, “Grounds and Grains Cafe” at 5:30 pm. TONIGHT!)  Two new people came up to thank me for the gift that it is to the neighborhood. I’m having a great deal of creative resistance to taking the next step of buying a hose cart. I’m almost amused by my resistance—how many days can I hold out knitting my one hour minimum without unwinding the line? I’m cheap—I have the money to buy a hose cart and I don’t want to. But, the thought occurred to me today that this project is about serving the community, albeit in a quirky way. It’s not about me—MY money, my time, my energy. So, I hope to forge through this resistance soon, and take the next step of obedience to this calling.

E. and Buster stopped by in the tangerine electric car.  E. wanted to give me some tips on my future hose cart purchase.  Make sure the reel is pointed the right direction so that it unwinds down the hill, and that the handle is at the right angle.  He’s German background, and clearly has a mind for these mechanical details.  I wish he’d make one for me.  I’m like a princess fainting in my tower, awaiting rescue!

M. stopped by and visited with me for the good part of an hour. He has started playing jazz guitar with friends in local pubs. I’m proud that his first public musical debut was at the bench back in May 2012…After he had played a few rounds of Bright Side of the Street, and Blue Skies standing on the corner of 16th and Taylor, he decided to carry on down to the Fire House and play for his friends there…And the rest is history…

May 15, 2014

I knit from 7 – 8 pm, to avoid the blazing heat. I’m such a wimp when it comes to hot weather, and I’ve been procrastinating on buying a better shade hat! I tried to unwind the knit line down the sidewalk but it was so tangled up that I quit and just knit instead. My family came to visit me at the bench, and my brother Miles tried to fix the hose reel but the handle ended up breaking. I was embarrassed to present such a sorry state. My nephew almost had a meltdown because he wanted so badly to throw my blue ball of yarn, but thankfully his parents diverted his attention with a walk instead.

J. told me that C. needed a whole lot more time than a week to make me a suitable hose cart, so I probably needed to look for one elsewhere. I was grateful for the clarity!

Sailboat races down below on the bay. Happy laughter from the balcony of the red farmhouse where I used to live.

May 14, 2014

D. and her husband C. stopped by. I haven’t seen them in ages. It was dusk, and we were all wearing loose-fitting clothing after a sweltering day. A brightly lit barge was anchored in the Bay below us.  D. said that I might be interested in checking out her daughter’s blog about her journey bicycling from Alaska to Argentina. “A slow and patient journey like yours,” D. said. thephiltrons.com  I could hear a group of people talking and looking at me from across the street.  I catch, “It looks like something from a fairy tale…”  The darkness  helps to enhance the magical and mysterious ambience.

A stranger came up to ask me why I was knitting at night when I normally knit during the day…It’s funny to realize that all my actions are being watched, even by those who feign disinterest!


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