Dark Chocolate Caramel Ganache


The sky around 8 pm tonight.

I was grateful for my wool winter coat tonight. Temperatures have taken a dive. Of course, it doesn’t help that I started my knit at 8:18 pm.

A tall, lanky man was out walking with a bum knee in the hopes that it would get better. He told me, “It might be faster to jump on a sled down the hill to the ocean…” “You’re safe—a tsunami wouldn’t come this high…” And then he asked me “Why?” as he continued walking past the bench. “I felt a compulsion,” I said. “I feel compulsions all the time but that doesn’t mean I act on them. That’s not a good reason,” he said. “This compulsion lasted months,” I replied. “I’m only here one week out of the year—don’t worry, you don’t have to put up with me much longer.” I told him I was enjoying the exchange. “It might be faster to just jump on a sled down the hill…”

I asked him where he lives the rest of the year and he said near Madison, Wisconsin. He’s a professor of atmospheric sciences. “So, you see, I love the ocean—why don’t you just walk down to it?” And, with these parting words, he continued on his way, and I finished the Dark Chocolate Caramel Ganache that C. had brought me from the Farmer’s Market. It made me smile remembering the toddler being pushed by his mom in a shopping cart today at the Co-op. “Chocolate,” he kept saying with awe and devotion as his mom pushed him up and down the aisles. “No, we’re not having chocolate right now,” Mom told him. And a few seconds later, “Chocolate.” “That’s what we’re all thinking,” I told the mom, and we both laughed.

May 28 chocolate caramel ganache

Chocolate caramel ganache from C.

I also spoke with the Urban Hiker today. We both admired the sunset. I hesitated deciding whether to break the news to him that his link “isheavenforreal.com” had not worked. I was worried that it might devastate him, especially since he had handwritten the link on so many slips of paper…He appeared unfazed and said that he actually had never looked up the link himself since he didn’t have a computer! But now I feel bad, because I tried the link again tonight, and it works afterall.

May 28 2014 sunset

The sky around 9 pm tonight.



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