Finding Joy

E. and Candy came by. Candy was walking Sophie who had given birth to 6 puppies just 2 days ago. “They’re not sleeping in my bed…yet,” Candy said. “Yet…I appreciate the precision of speech,” E. said. A blond Lab named Noodle came trotting up to the corner with her owner where we were all congregated. “She’s a happy dog!” Candy said. Noodle did look happy—standing on her tippy toes, perky, smiley and quiet. Candy pointed to the spot where Noodle’s tail hit her leash at the end of each wag—and there was a notch almost halfway through the leash made from all the wagging. I hope to wag myself right off my leash some day soon. It made me think of what a visiting speaker recently said to a group of us: “Find a place inside where there is joy, and it will burn out all the pain.”

R. strode down the hill, green smoothie in hand, and plunked himself down on the bench next to me. He’s a new arrival, most recently from Hawaii. Before that—California, and before that, New York City. He has a rich, gravelly New York accent. I asked him what he put in his smoothie and it went something like this:

Blue Green Algae
Protein Powder
Wheat Grass

It was like an incantation…my head was spinning wonderfully by the end of it! I got up to leave at the end of my knit, and he said, “I think I’ll just sit here a while.” He seemed so peaceful and content, pressing little buttons on his smartphone. The view of the Bay was absolutely stunning.


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