A Different Set of Questions

C. asked Candy if we could see the new Shelty puppies. “Wait a couple days,” Candy said.

“Way to go!” C. called out to the jogger as he went by but he ignored her. “He’s in the zone,” she said.

I told Ernst, “Your help with the hose reel yesterday was sure appreciated.” He said, “You’re welcome, it looked like more than a one person job.”

Sunglasses even talked to me as she walked by, “Is that your new contraption?” she asked referring to the hose reel.

A girl with green bangs and I nodded ceremoniously to each other as she drove by.

I really enjoyed unwinding the line down the hill for the first time in weeks, even though I was feeling spent from the week’s exertions. In fact, the journey down the hill took my mind off its problems, and I found myself faced with an entirely different set of questions. Have you noticed that J.’s raspberry vines are loaded with swelling fruit? Have you gazed at the white irises rising like prismatic towers? Have you felt the refreshing breeze gentling your neck? Have you sensed the kindness radiating from the people that talked to you today?

Power Hose Man was out working in his pretty yard. The cracks in his sidewalk were very clean. He asked me to tell him again about my project. He has a Model A car from the 1930’s parked in his garage alongside a new car.

For a moment, I had a wishful thought that the line had grown much longer than I imagined, maybe even down to the Bay! However, at its full extension, it just barely reaches 12th and Taylor.


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