Hot Dogs

I have really appreciated your comments on my blog lately.  Sometimes I feel SO vulnerable putting myself out in the web-o-sphere like this and your comments and likes give me a shot of courage!  I wanted to ask for your feedback about something.  I’ve been thinking about creating a new blog specifically for this project called “From the Bench to the Bay” or something like that.  I think it would be a easier to remember, and also more focused.  Any thoughts?  Email me or reply below.  Thanks!  Also, you’ve probably realized that the dates that I post aren’t the actual date of my blogging but rather the date of the knit recorded.  Just trying to keep it honest 🙂  Also, I finally got a chance to post May 30 and June 1st journal entries…The story about Noodle is one of my favorites.  Have a fabulous week!

A man stopped to chat with me on his walk home from work. His family lives two doors down from the bench but they rarely talk to me. He said that even though some of the neighbors don’t visit with me on a regular basis, they are still enjoying watching it unfold. “I guess we have front row seats since we live on 16th St.” he said. He told me that about a week ago, it was pouring rain, and his family was sitting around in their pajamas when they saw me out there knitting on the bench. Unbeknownst to me, his two kids had their faces pressed against the glass watching me. “You knit in just about every kind of weather…It will be sad when the project ends. But I bet you have mixed feelings about it.” He asked me how long I had expected it to take to knit a line to the Bay and I said, “A month, maybe one summer max.”

He said that the artwork is having a bigger impact on an abstract level because it’s taken three years. Some of the people who didn’t give it a second thought in the first year, are now paying attention. I agreed, “It’s gathering momentum.” Then his little girl came running towards him in her floppy purple hat with open arms yelling “Daddy” for a big end-of-the-day hug. His wife walked up to me barefoot and smiling in a long, slouchy dress, her faux red hair sparkling in the hot sun. They are such a sweet family…I love hearing the children’s voices as they play hopscotch in the fenced-in front yard.
D. + C. are leaving on a retreat. I’m going to miss them so. D. came and visited with me on the bench. (C. had taken a neighbor to the doctor’s.) I gave him my navigator sunglasses to shield his blue eyes from the glare off the bay and he looked so goofy! A couple walked by wearing matching Panama hats with their terrier Lulu who was wilting in the heat. D. and I both got the idea to set out a bowl of water for the dogs at the bench, and D. promised to scrounge around his basement until he found the right container.

I love the idea of the bench as social hub and watering hole for overheated dogs! It’s becoming a multipurpose space…


2 thoughts on “Hot Dogs

  1. Cheryl's Excellent Adventure says:

    Hi Christen, my feelings about a different blog regarding the blue line is that it would be superfluous. You’re already writing about it on this blog which is about connections made visible and you are doing that. I think you’re doing a fabulous job right where you are.

    • Christen Mattix says:

      Thanks for the feedback, Cheryl. I sometimes feel like my blog is hard to navigate but I’m glad you like it the way it is. Maybe I’m just a restless soul! Anyway, sending you a big smile on this gorgeous day.

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