Knitting Meditation Club

I knit for about 30 minutes, then went to WWU to give a talk to the knitting club. Only one guy showed up, in addition to the three people on the leadership team, so it was a bit of a flop…It didn’t help that it was the week before finals. Carol told me that my piece was about time made visible.  She and her assistants were very warm and friendly. I saw Harvey, and he showed me a book he’d made about religion, it’s light and shadow side. We sat around drinking tea and eating chocolate cupcakes. After the talk, I returned and knit for about an hour. A woman introduced herself and said my project was the most awesome thing she’d seen all week. She invited me to come have a free appetizer at Anthony’s where she is a manager.

A woman walked by, her nose in a book.

June 4 2014 bookworm

Tuesday 3

E and his hairy assistant were on the roof vacuuming moss out of the gutters.

A flock of Canadian geese suddenly rushed right over my head, honking and in V formation. By the time I had grabbed my camera, they were almost out of sight headed north up 16th St. Reality is so hard to capture, either moving too fast or not fast enough for the human mind. June 4 2014 canada geeseI talked to the Urban Hiker for a long time. He was in a good mood, enjoying the warm weather. “It’s easy to be happy on a day like this.” I told him that Candy’s dog had given birth to 6 puppies. He said that he and Candy aren’t talking anymore ever since he showed her his letter to the city council requesting strict dog leash enforcement. (Candy’s dogs all walk off leash in a little flock around her.) “But Candy’s dogs are so sweet and small,” I said. He explained that he’d never had a problem with her dogs, but he didn’t like the precedent she was setting. As someone who walks from one end of town to the other, it only takes 1 unleashed, mean dog in 100 to create trouble. I was sorry that they’d broken off their friendship—she was one of the only people that made a point of talking to the Urban Hiker.

Relationships are fragile.June 4 2014 bookworm


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