photo by Christen Mattix

I received this email yesterday from an artist and I just had to share her beautiful insights with you.

Hey Christen,

I could probably write to you on your blog, but this is easier for me.  There was a post the other day that I thought was really interesting and reminded me of something.  It was the entry about the street sweeper and how your yarn got caught up in it.  I saw it as also being about how people barrel along not noticing art or beauty or anything outside the norm.  Bellingham is somewhat different in that respect, but we can still just be so absorbed in the patterns we make every day it is hard to notice anything outside of that.  But also I still wonder about the things that our society values.

I used to work at the Starbucks at Sunset Square, back when it was a tiny place back in the corner by Cost Cutter.  After work one night my coworker and I drew a chalk labyrinth out in the parking lot.  When we were done we were standing there looking at it and the parking lot sweeper came along.  He asked us if we knew who had drawn it.  At about the same time that I said, “I don’t know” my friend said, “We did.”  So, that was funny, but after we left the guy swept it up.  The next day I noticed you could barely tell it had been there.  As I walked across the parking lot I noticed all the gum and the spilled fuel stains, and I thought isn’t that ironic that here was this lovely colorful  labyrinth that had to be swept up, and yet there’s all this gross marks all over the place…


butterfly on my window 1


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