Fog Lifting

DSCN0885When I sat down to knit today, I could barely distinguish the outline of two boats floating on an invisible sea.  By the end of the hour, the fog had lifted.  Today, I met Jennifer, a friendly grandmotherly woman with long blond hair, out walking to get in shape for a new dog.  I also met Maria who is the dog Skip’s owner.  She looked about 12, with elastics holding her braces together.  MO stopped by and gave me a copy of the Whatcom Magazine with a cameo about this project in it.  I’m tired of my thoughts, the endless voice-over of my mind expressing its opinion about everything.  I want to be an empty bowl reflecting the sky.

June 14
A grey cloud hung low today, hiding the bay.  My feet felt cold in flip flops.  I asked the WWU jogger if he was training for something but he told me he was just trying to make up for all the junk food he’d eaten, and all the sitting around in the lab last quarter.  Candy walked by reading a magazine.  She said she was enjoying the luxury of solitude, minus the pack of Shelties.  A very quiet knit.

June 13
A. and L. came up over the hill with their mom and perched on the bench like birds coming to rest on a branch.  A. was wearing a green dress with white polka dots paired with orange tiger print tights.  The wacky combination made me laugh.  A. had a plastic microphone.  Her mom told them to sing me some songs from the movie Frozen but A. refused on the grounds that they had already sung plenty of Frozen songs at school.  She told me she would sing for me if I came over to their house.

A tall WWU student jogged up wearing a headband to keep his curly blond hair out of his eyes.  He told me to “keep on keepin’ on.”  He likes this kind of phrase.  Another time, he said, “See you when I see you.”

C. teased me after he left, “So he’s not shy afterall…He’s a bit young for you but maybe he could get you going!”  (I had been complaining about constipation…)

The Urban Hiker was on his way downtown to join the protesters.  He was doing a one man protest with a sign that read, “Cars are Dangerous.”

I had been feeling at loose ends all day…Putting away the hose reel, I thought, this hour has knit me back into community.



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