Living in Transit

photo taken June 13, 2014

Yesterday’s knit was cold and windy.  I knit in solitude until D. came near the middle of the hour with a steaming cup of decaf Earl Grey tea in a travel mug for me.  He sat down on the other end of the bench, and told me about his childhood growing up as a military brat, always in transit from day one.  When he was in uterus, his mom took the train to visit his dad who was waiting on the East coast to go on active duty in Europe.  His mom thought she was 8 months pregnant, but it turns out she was actually full term–going into labor while visiting his dad.  After he was born, his dad begged the commanders to postpone his military duty but they refused, so after his father left for Europe, his mom rested a few days put D. in a laundry basket, got on a train and took him back to Iowa.  His favorite years were spent in Germany exploring castles with underground passageways with his brothers, and going fishing with his dad on the weekend.  When you move that much, you have very few relationships from your past to return to, D. noted.  I can relate as someone who grew up in Thailand, moving every 2-4 years each time my dad completed a translation project.  The beauty of this knitting project is the sense of continuity that it’s given my life.  I find it so comforting, for example, to wave almost every day to the woman with the long brown pony tail who drives the UPS truck in her brown uniform.  There isn’t a need for words, we both recognize each other, smile and wave.

Today was an absolutely glorious day to knit.  The sky was so blue, and all the trees were singing.  E. gave me a book about the psyche.  Candy continues her futile attempts to stop the dogs from barking at passersby.  “Stop barking!  Silence!” she yelled at them as Sunglasses and her dog walked by.  I’m sure she feels badly about the racket, but those little dogs are hardwired to bark and there is nothing she can do to stop them…I felt very content today watching the crows hop about, and the white sailboats flitting on the bay.  A friend joined me near the end of my knit, and we went down to Village Books for coffee.


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