Passing By

Herb just sent this to me showing Herb, Mary and I on the bench last Tuesday.

Very quiet hour of knitting for the most part, although my mind was very busy!  A Native American family visiting from North Dakota stopped briefly.  The stocky dad was wearing a shirt with information about a pow wow on the front, and the phrase, “You can talk the talk, but can you walk the walk?” on the back.  He asked to take a picture of me from the behind the bench, looking out past the hose reel and down on the bay.  Sunglasses and her dog slunk past wordlessly.  Today she was wearing her black hat.  I wondered what determines whether she wears her white hat or her black one. Chuck the Mailman and I exchanged a few words.  E. tried to get Buster to walk over to the bench for a visit, but Buster dug his paws into the grass and refused to budge.  “Like a sumo wrestler,” I said.  “No, it’s the posture of a martial arts practitioner…he’s originally from China, you know.”  I thought to myself, “You can take a dog out of China, but you can’t take China out of the dog.”

The Urban Hiker stopped to say hi, and said, “I could sure get used to this weather.  When it’s this sunny, you can even start to forget what the rainy days feel like.”  Sure enough, he pulled out a letter to give to me, placing it carefully under my cellphone so that it wouldn’t blow away.  I was afraid it might be a love letter, but it was his reply to my objections about his 7th Day Adventist beliefs.  I’m softening…I have even started to think he’s right about keeping the Sabbath on Saturday.  But I’m not going to become a 7th Day Adventist.  I need to make that clear to him because I’m starting to dread his visits.

The raspberries on J.’s vine have ripened.  I gorged myself on them today after my knit.  Thinking about making her a wooden sign for her that says “have a snack.”  (In case you just started reading this blog, J. planted the raspberries by the sidewalk purposely for people walking by to enjoy.

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