July 2 2014 firetruck


I am savoring this quote from a friend: “Art is a collaboration between God and the artist, and the less the artist does, the better.” (Andre Gide)

Exchanged a few words with Chuck the mailman, and E.  Sunglasses said “Good Morning” and I could just make out the faint contours of her eyes behind the dark lenses.  Lately, on my walks, I too have been afraid to make eye contact with passing strangers.  Recognition of the mystery that we touch each other when our eyes meet, the exchange of being, painful or pleasurable, always leaves a mark.  The desire to respect others’ solitude in conflict with the need to acknowledge one another.

Alone with my thoughts on a very quiet knit this morning, I had a mental picture of a girl with fire coming out of her ears, smoke rising from the top of her head, and tiny firemen like the Lilliputians in Gulliver’s Travels climbing on tiny ladders propped against her giant body, spraying water on the flames.  Thus, it was strangely satisfying to see two fire trucks lumber silently by me as I walked away from the bench at the end of the knit.


2 thoughts on “Fire

  1. Dana says:

    Christen, I’ve been off-line lately and have just read through your last month’s worth of posts. I hope you realize that the knit line is not the only body of work you are accumulating. I love your writing and the glimpse it affords into your evolution. Thank you for sharing what you do. Also, I was excited by the reference to Ellen Dissanayake. Her explication of “making special” really resonated with me, but no one else I know has ever heard of her.

    • Christen Mattix says:

      Hi Dana,
      Thank you for your encouraging words. Yes, I do believe that the writing is integral to the artwork, and not an extra add-on, but it is good to be reminded sometimes. Have a wonderful day!

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