Widening Circles


“Seed and Beyond” by Leo Kenney (now on view at SAM)

Last night, I knit from 8:30ish to 9:30 pm, by street light.  A neighbor friend was out walking her dog.  She stopped and advised me on the upcoming primary elections, and thanked me for voting.  She’s a spokesperson for the local Democratic party.  I like her so much, and I wish she wouldn’t demonize the opposition.  Having lived in so many circles, I’ve learned that there are great people hiding under every label you could think of–gay, pagan, Mormon, radical, conservative, Jew, feminist, evangelical, to name a few…


5 thoughts on “Widening Circles

  1. Dana says:

    Yes, I’m wondering too about how to mend the split, and withering condemnation of the other side won’t help. I do get pretty disgusted sometimes and it feels good to join with like-minded folks in deriding perceived stupidity, but doing so will only produce more of the same. Instead of spending our energy berating each other, how can we move forward together? I fear that the ego satisfaction of “being right” and the financial rewards of playing on emotion are too addictive to forswear.

  2. Christen Mattix says:

    Well said, Dana. Can we separate corporate or ideological agendas from the people who are manipulated by them? We are ALL up against a formidable media that preys on our fears, wants and needs to get us to vote the way they want us to, and to see others through a stereotypic, black and white lens. This is true whether you vote Republican or Democrat. Witness the noncoverage of so many protests, and the unbalanced coverage of other people and issues.

    • Christen Mattix says:

      Thank you! If you haven’t seen it in person, I hope you’ll take a trip to see it as part in the Northwest Mystics show at SAM. It’s really luminescent and subtle like your work :).

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