Prosecutor vs. Pooch


Today, I heard about a dog named Naima, running against unchallenged prosecutor, McEchran.  Rumor has it that a local blogger endorsed Naima as a write-in candidate to challenge McEchran, who faced no competition.  Unaware that Naima was a dog, many voters have been diligently writing in his name!  Now that the word is out, many are continuing the trend just for fun.  Read the delightful story here.  (You can also find it on KOMO).  Not sure whether to laugh or cry at this reflection of our political climate!  I wonder if he has fleas?  According to his owner Frank James, Naima has what voters are looking for in a politician.  Let me guess–the warm-fuzzies, and a great listener?  Aside from humor, I appreciate James’ desire to make a statement about the importance of giving voters a choice between two candidates, instead of a single name.

In other news, a young man with tattoos asked me today what I was “building.”  His choice of language delighted me, and he walked away laughing when I told him about my project.  (Side note, I recently had a friend advise me on how to meet guys.  Since starting this project, I have met more guys than I can count on both my fingers and toes, but it will take a very special man to find sex appeal in an eccentric woman knitter!)

Another woman asked me how much line I knit in one day.  I told her, “an hour’s worth!”  “Oh, so the project has some parameters!” she said with a twinkle in her eye.

Sunglasses also walked by wearing her white hat with black trim.  I haven’t seen her in weeks.   Her real name sounds like an actress circa 1940’s, Hollywood glamour.  In her choice of attire, she resembles those candids in the back of People magazine of movie stars wearing shades and hats at the grocery store or on the beach, trying unsuccessfully to remain incognito.

I also met Mary who said that she just started reading this blog a month ago, and was sorry to run over my knitting.  She told me, “Enjoy the journey!”  Yes, yes.



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