Taking Refuge

“Just find some more blue sheep and you’ll be doing great!”

“The OCD continues…”

It’s been a quiet week of knitting but for a few comments from passersby.  A lot of it has to do with the time of day–I’ve been knitting in the morning more this week.  I can’t make the magic happen, I’ve learned, all I can do is show up.  After weeks of blazing heat, it’s been rainy and overcast.  Yesterday, at the end of my knit, C. gave me two cartons of soy milk, helped me wind up the line and hugged me goodbye.  To my great surprise, she slipped into the pew beside me at church later that morning.  “Guilt,” she said with a mischievous smile.

Today, D. and C. came and took a break from yard work on the bench with me.  It felt good to rest in each others’ shade, not saying very much, just being.  C. was wearing jeans with a hole in the knee, and a man’s sweatshirt covered in paint.  She handed me an empty berry carton, and told me to have at the blackberries in their back yard.  My fridge overflows with applesauce and blackberries from the super-abundance of fruit falling off the trees.

We walked down to Candy’s together to check out the puppies which are now at least two months old.  “This is Jack,” Candy told us, holding a rust-colored dog in her arms.  “He’s a breeder.”  “How long until he gets to work?” C. asked.  “When he’s 8 months old…Right now he doesn’t even know how to lift his leg to pee.”  Candy is keeping busy every day filling in the holes that her dogs dig in her front yard.  Round, smooth holes molded to the shape of a dog asleep.  Moist, cool spaces to take refuge from the heat.


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