Nine Ways to Make a Silence


Pregnant white
icon boards before the first stroke.
Immaculate purity
of sheets.
Light orchids cast dark
shadows on the wall.


The black sky,
dawn before the first bird’s cry.
Before the noise of engines,
the road.
Before waking, sleep.
Before language, the tongue.
Before the worm, apple.


Soft sunlight sifts through fog,
a deer glances
across the lawn.


A vast reservoir of silence
released slowly
so as not to overwhelm us.
A spigot operated by nimble fingers:
snow, frost, and hail.


Ice skating on a lake of
scissors and lace,
all manner of designs etched
in whiteness.


Words siphoned,
sipped like notes of nectar
through the beak of a hummingbird.


A flower unfolds
without heraldic trumpets,
glorious to behold.


A rose is an ear made of silk,
A shell of milk,
in a way paved with pearls and stars.


The sound of petals falling
only tickles Silence,
laughing quietly through her nose.


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