Apples from R.’s backyard

Knit to the plashing of the young doctor’s fountain, and Johnny Cash in my head singing “Hold My Hand, Precious Lord.”  E. came by with Buster whose tail was curled like a question mark.  E. is the only person I know who truly lets Dog be his pilot.  Today, they stood in the middle of 16th for a long time while Buster sniffed the air and tried to make up his mind which way to walk.  “Sometimes we stand like this for 5 minutes,” E. told me.  E. is a Qi Gong master, and has mastered the art of relaxation.  He seemed completely at ease standing there waiting for his ambivalent dog, whose puckered forehead added to the absurd effect.  When a car drove up, E. finally took command, of necessity, and guided Buster off the road.

R. stopped by with a ziplock bag of blackberries for me!  Her striped hatband echoed in the lines of her glasses.  She shared her dream of digging out the blackberry brambles in her backyard, and putting in a garden and chickens instead.  Dreams or desires are potent seeds.  Yesterday, the thought ran through my mind that I only have one comfy chair, and it would be nice to have more for guests.  As I was coming home today, I suddenly saw a loveseat abandoned by the dumpster.  It was not exactly trendy–80’s Southwest–but it was in mint condition and the perfect size for my teeny studio apartment.

I wanted it.  There was no way I could carry it two blocks to my apartment, so I turned and started walking away.  A man with a cowboy hat was standing nearby rubbing cream on a black car.  He told me he had just moved his grand-daughter from Yakima into her new apartment, and that he would be happy to deliver the loveseat to my apartment in his Uhaul.  It took him 10 minutes max to maneuver it into the trailer, through the narrow doors of my apartment and up the elevator.  I was a bit dumbstruck.  I love it when this happens–before I can even formulate a wish or a prayer, behold, there it is.  “There’s no prayer like desire,” as Tom Waits says…Awe that these thoughts of mine are overheard by One much greater.

A concert at the bench today made up of the sounds of modern life.  Helicopter chopped overhead.  The gasp and bang of a nail gun down the street.  Blue jay’s scree-scree.  

Some cyclists from Seattle pedaled up and told me they’d talked to me on their last visit in the spring of this year.  The woman carried her bike over my knit line.  A woman wearing Pippi Longstocking socks walked by.  R. came out his door and invited me to pick as many apples off their tree as I liked.  Later C. and I each filled a grocery bag full of luscious red apples.  We rejected the ones with tiny worms poking their heads out their front wormholes at us–C. kicked them into the alley in disgust.

D. the Dem drove up and confirmed that I will be dogsitting for them on September 27.  I can’t wait!  They are paying me at least $50 per day…I’m a little scared of the dog however.  She’s a German Shepherd and hasn’t warmed up to me yet while most dogs can’t get enough of my love…Not a great omen!

Revelation of the day…Birth and Death, Love and Loss are unavoidably one, a complete whole.  You can’t have one without eventually the other.  What is it that makes us think we could ever pick and choose?  Living in fear of the unavoidable, a prison.  A friend told me once that if we could live without judging, rejecting or comparing, we would be ecstatic all the time like a small child.

Meredith Josey came and took some pictures of me for her wonderful project “Humans in Bellingham” on facebook.  She started the project as an excuse to talk to strangers when she moved here from the East Coast.  She’s teaches social linguistics which studies the relationship between the way we speak and our socio-economic status.  A marriage of anthropology and linguistics, wonderful!  My friend brought me a glass of Welch’s grape juice–so refreshing on this hot day–and we talked a long time…She told me she wants to believe that we are all one, but she was recently betrayed by her employer, and it’s become hard not to fall into the trap of judging and feeling superior.  I loved her for her faith.


2 thoughts on “Bountiful

  1. Renee says:

    What a fun visit today! Amazing that you found that loveseat. SO crazy how the world works in small blessings. Picked a LOT more blackberries, am making syrup now. HAD to put just a bit in my champagne tonight – with mint of course. Thanks for the chat!!!

    • Christen Mattix says:

      You’re so welcome! Thanks for making the time to visit me on the bench. I made a blackberry sauce with your gift as I accidentally squished them on my way home! I love topping my yogurt with it 🙂

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