Saturday, M. visited me.  I knit into overtime, I was enjoying our conversation so much.  My muscles started to ache so M. knit a few rows for me to the drone of C.’s lawn mower in the background.  I didn’t know what to do with my free hands, so I twirled yarn around my fingers…

Sunday – missed my knit

Monday.  Knit from 6 – 7 pm to the setting sun, pink and orange clouds like glowing coals.  Jay approached and introduced Chris, a barefoot runner who smelled of pungent sweat.  Jay asked if my work was influenced by Buddhism.  I told him I was interested in the universal use of repetition in ritual practice like saying the rosary or observing the breath.  He said that repetition induces a state of calm…”It’s like shelling peanuts,” he said and our startled faces begged for an explanation.  “It’s so much easier to talk when your hands and part of your mind are occupied.”  He said that walking is repetitive, and that his favorite vacation ever was walking the Camino de Santiago in Spain, a medieval pilgrimage in honor of St. James.  “Is it Catholic?” Chris asked.  “Yes, but I didn’t do it as a Catholic,” Jay said.  “Could an atheist do it?”  “Sure, sure…”  Jay walked the pathways with his adventuresome daughter–that’s what made it so wonderful.

Walking as meditation, peregrination, practice.

I walked to the bench today because I wanted the extra time to reflect on my life.  But by the time my knit ended, it was dark.  I used C.’s bathroom and when she offered to drive me home, I didn’t refuse.


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