“I just can’t do it–I just can’t drive over your knitting!” a woman called to me from her grey station wagon.

“People do it all the time.  It’s part of the project,” I say.

“What project?”

“Knitting a stream to the Bay,” I say.

“I still can’t do it.  I’m going to drive down a different street instead.”

“Bless your heart,” I say.

A mom stops with her two young daughters, the one with the tiny pink glasses in a hedgehog T-shirt, the other, a floral print.

“Did you want to show the lady something?” the mom prompts the daughter who looks about 5 years old.

“Stitches,” she says lifting her chin to reveal a bristling line of black threads.

“Ow, how did you get those?” I say.

“I fell flat on my face,” she says.

“Did you trip over something?”

“No I fell off a swing.”

“Look at her knitting needles,” the mom says.  “They look a lot like the needles the doctor used to stitch your chin, only they’re much bigger.”

Yesterday, I pushed my bike up the street as a fierce wind buffeted my body.  “You’re bicycling into a strong headwind,” a man told me as I went by.

C. came and perched on the far end of the bench beside my crumpled raincoat as I wound a skein of ocean yarn into a ball, wondering if this is the last skein of the project..  She called out to Sunglasses, “You look naked without your hat!”

I started knitting as the grey clouds multiplied overhead, then started dumping rain.  In a few minutes, the rain had passed.

I’m knitting faster, my fingers moving themselves now, and every cell in my body strains for the sea.


2 thoughts on “Stitches

  1. Dana says:

    The last skein? Are you really so close? Congratulations! Do you have any plans for an ending ceremony or celebration? I’m just a teeny bit sad about it myself.

    • Christen Mattix says:

      Hi Dana, Yes, I am less than a block from the water! I confess to having mixed feelings as well. It’s been a fantastic journey! I hope to have a celebration for the neighborhood, and all those involved over these 3 years. Stay tuned for details! And let me know if you have any brainwaves 🙂

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