Are We There Yet?

ocean yarn

Is this the last skein of ocean blue yarn that I will ever knit?

Today I got a delightful email that read:

Inquiring minds…are wondering if and when the blue line to the sea is complete – will there be a celebration?  If so there are a few of us who would like to come and celebrate with you.  Being faithful blog readers we have been inching our way down the hill along with you.  And if completion means jumping into the water to meet the blue line’s origin then we’ll be right there with you  –  so let us know if we need to bring towels.
I just have to say–yes, yes and yes!  I desperately want to have a celebration with dear friends near and far at the conclusion of this project.  No, I haven’t checked if the line has reached the water yet–I might do it today–and I’m a bit nervous to find out!  But you will be the first to know…
I love the idea of jumping into the wild, blue sea TOGETHER.  Last night, I dreamt I was in the deep end of a swimming pool, when suddenly a little girl about 3 feet tall jumped into the water.  I moved closer, worried that she might drown…In a few moments, she hit bottom, then sprang to the surface of the water, a huge grin on her face!
Dear God, let me live before I die, indeed!
So what shall we do to celebrate?  Do you envision this event as quiet and intense, or  joyful and noisy?  I’m personally picturing a bit of both but I’d love to know what you picture in your mind’s eye.  I have a vision of each-of-you-that-can-come–and any neighbors too–passing the ball of knitting down the hill, fire brigade style while I sit demurely knitting at the bench.  When the line reaches the water, word of the arrival would be passed up from person to person all the way up to me…Making a journey without taking a step.  A giant human spinal cord running up the hill.  Connections made visible.  (Note: I’m not making any claims to being the brain!)  And then after a polar bear swim (if it happens this year), I picture glitter, perhaps pom poms, funny hats, noisemakers like crackers and such (a la New Years), corks popping, and something bubbly, and lots of yummy food.  Did I mention that the young doctor has offered his beautiful home as a place to gather?
Comment or email me your juicy ideas…  Thank you!
Time to go unwind the line…Ahhhh.  Unwind.  Such a relaxing word.

3 thoughts on “Are We There Yet?

  1. Renee says:

    Well bubbly is mandatory and funny hats too. Love the idea of unspooling the line down the hill in a hand-off. Would be really a good idea to film the unspooling. That’s a BIG project and a BIG event with which to terminate it…good idea to make a record of the completion of it as it’s about process and termination IS a part of the process. I can imagine a Bobby McFerren song as the sound track.
    I’m not one for jumping in cold water, but maybe the metaphor of water with sparkly glitter???
    Funny how your project has prompted so many dreams. Guess that’s what interesting art does. Keep us posted on how close you are to the sea!!!!

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