First, a thank you to my fine reader Jenny Brown on the other side of the country for sending me a box full of blue pom poms!  I just read her delightful post about it at (see November 26 “Hooking for Good”–and no, she did not ask me to toot her horn, I just want to because she is a fabulous person.)  I have never gotten a gift from someone that I have never met, so this meant a lot to me…

Giving is magical.  That’s what the people at our local bookstore are trying to teach kids at least.  Village Books has an activity booklet for kids that lists random acts of kindness…when the child has completed 3 items on the list, s(he) receives a free gift.

How many of us would do three nice things for other people just for the heck of it?  I am not sure I would.  I hope that some day I will make that shift from doing X for Y, to just doing the right thing without any expectation of personal fulfillment…I know people like this and they generate a feeling akin to awe in me.

4 thoughts on “Magical

  1. Renee says:

    Hi Christen: I think you give without knowing it to our neighborhood and to B’ham in general because of your project. THAT project has given so many people a lot of wonderful things – interest in the arts, a gladness for our community, etc. I thank you for giving that to me and to those of us who cheer you on in your knitting to the sea.

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