Wedding Epiphany


As you probably know, one of my passions is dreaming and dream interpretation.  Here’s a downright juicy one.  In my dream, an old man holding a long stick knocked on my door, asking for directions to the wedding.  He was rude and kept hitting me lightly on the head and shoulders with his long stick.  Even though it didn’t hurt, I told him that if he continued to hit me, I wouldn’t be able to help him find his way to the wedding.  I looked at his typed directions but they did not include a street address, only the name of the city that we were in.  In essence, the directions were completely useless, and I realized that the man was a little crazy.  So I threw up my arms and said, “Every day is a wedding!” and sent him on his way.

I looked up the word “wedding” and it is simply a verb, to wed, made into a noun.  Everyday, we have the chance to say I DO.  Everyday we commit ourselves to loving, growing, creating.  The challenge is to live each day with the kind of joy, anticipation, and intentionality that we would bring to a wedding day.  Every Day is a Wedding takes the focus from the epic to the ordinary.  The love, the magic, and the romance is happening today.  It’s not just a singular event (however beautiful and desirable); it is made up of daily acts of love and imagination.  Today I seek new and joyful ways to savor and celebrate the good gifts that I have received in this season of both darkness and illumination.

I told my friend Celeste about the dream and she said that the old man could represent my old way of being–expressing itself as a need for control, exactitude, and verbally beating myself up.  However, even if that is the case, she pointed out, this old man woke me to my true self.  He takes on the role of a Zen master whose stick awakens me to something I already knew but hadn’t recognized.  With his question that I could not answer, he set me up to find the deeper truth and awaken to joy and abandonment.  My psyche knew the truth, refused to take the abuse, and sent him packing.

“Dreams are given for our wholeness, hope and healing, and also for society’s wellbeing,” Celeste told me.  So I give you my dream which was given to me.  How would you live differently in the light of the truth that Everyday is a Wedding?

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