Illustration by Christen Mattix

This new illustration needs a title.  Anybody got an idea?

Yesterday, this illustration that I thought was DOA suddenly did a backflip and came to life.  I love it when this happens!  I was wandering about my studio in a daze, directionless, and happened to pick up this watercolor that I had cast aside in a sketchbook.  Suddenly, my inner guide started telling me what the painting needed…The polka dots were the wrong color–a purple fungus hue, and didn’t go with anything else in the painting.  How about multi-color retro dots instead?  The hat was a blah white as were the shoelaces.  How about having a little fun?  Little by little, the painting started coming to life.  The birds got a sparkle in their eye and fluffed their feathers.  The apple tree dropped its superabundant fruit on the ground.  The grass grew up in the foreground and the goldfinches got orange beaks.  It was all set to happen, waiting for me to get quiet enough to receive the gift.


8 thoughts on “Receptivity

  1. Christen Mattix says:

    Cheryl, that’s a fun title, thanks! Glad you like the sense of place. It’s the same landscape as “Lovecote” but an autumnal one instead of wintry. I wonder if there will be a summer and spring painting to complete the series. How is the poetry writing coming these days?

  2. Dana says:

    How about “Just Before Take-off”? It looks to me like the picture stands on the line between summer and fall and maybe the birds are saying good-bye.

  3. Renee says:

    Well the obvious – “Bird in the hand” comes to mind. But to me the piece speaks of abundance – the fruit on the tree and the ground, the birds all around, the richness of color. How about “The Richness of Birds “, “Bird Whisperer” (sorry – it was SO easy), “Birds Tales”, “Feathered Friends”. That’s all I have for now.

  4. thrownfree says:

    How about
    Spring Arrives
    or Welcoming Spring
    Oh, gosh, I’m terrible at titles. Just ask Martin. He will tell you I almost always take refuge in a gerund.
    What a lovely painting!
    Chicka dee dee dee!

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